Quality Products + 
Simple Programs 
= Simple Success!

We've always known that the Simple Corp Squad is the best in the biz and we as a whole would end up part of something BIG. We just weren't sure when or how our BIG moment would come but IT IS HERE!

The best part of this shift is: Simple Corp ownership and Home Office will not change. Shawn, Betsy and Jacqueline will continue to be the familiar faces that lead the charge and further our culture and our motto of 'Work Hard. Play Harder.'

Why is this shift so important in the industry?

It's undeniable that both retail and the direct sales/network marketing world are changing and will continue to adjust in order to meet consumer demands. Some major companies have been unable to adjust and are closing their doors. NOT SCG! The market demands a shift and Simple Corp is making that shift. Not only will this shift benefit our customer base in a major way, but in the end and most importantly, greatly benefit YOU our IBOs.

We're joining forces with a major player within direct sales industry that is paving the way in the revolution of this industry and is years ahead of the game by pioneering this shift.

Who is this major player? Youngevity!

Who or what is Youngevity? Youngevity has been successful in the industry for 20+ years and has been named one of the top 100 Direct Selling companies in the world. They were also named one of the top 50 within North America. With Youngevity’s success they have built an amazing publicly traded company who believes in family dynamics, social-, touch-, and cross-marketing. 

Youngevity is leading the way of cross-selling. Imagine the advantage instead of selling just one brand but having the ability to sell top brands in the DS world all under one compensation plan. Your group sales, psv, and bonus opportunities will be that much richer. 

Joining forces with Youngevity allows SCG to become a blended family with 100’s of thousands of reps and customers as well as global connections in 16 countries and counting. Not only will you still be able to sell Simple Corp’s amazing products, you will have access to sell and purchase at wholesale thousands of products that fall under several brands in the categories of beauty, health, coffee, essential oils, and many more. You choose your passion!....Share only Simple Corp products, sell one or two other brands or share them all. It's up to you! Not only can you sell in 16 other countries, but you can recruit a team in any of these countries as well!

Can you imagine your potential?!?! To have the world as a customer base, your sales and recruitment potential truly become unlimited.


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