Unsatisfied with the lack of male-catered salons in the Midwest, Shawn Ericsson and his wife, Stacia, opened the first “The Man Salon”, in 2008. Shawn was excited he would no longer be a minority at the hair salon or have to settle for a second-rate haircut from a chain store.

The Man Salon is a “manly vintage” salon where a guy can go to be pampered without all of the frills. Men are catered to with large luxurious lounges with leather club chairs, big screen HDTVs, peanuts, beverages and a compilation of nearly every masculine magazine out there. Each of the large private suites come complete with a leather barber chair and a LCD TV for viewing pleasure while being pampered.

After the success of The Man Salon was evident, Shawn and Stacia continued to grow by opening multiple locations. Shawn realized that the male experience was a home run in the salons, so they decided to bring the experience to the homes of males across the US.

“We were frustrated with the overpriced salon-quality products on the shelves so we started our own line of products called “Simple Man”. What started out as shampoo and conditioner quickly turned into a full line of salon quality essential products that men need from the shower to the sink to the mirror.

We chose the distribution channel we did because we understand the value of enriching lives by empowering Independent Business Owners to earn an income and have a ton of fun along the way with our ‘WORK HARD. PLAY HARDER’ philosophy.” – CEO Shawn Ericsson